Our Resource Library
08 / 03 / 2020

Our Resource Library

By Kara Bonavia /

Hey Friends,

Welcome Back!

Thank you so much for returning. I’m happy you’re here – it’s been a while since I posted! As mentioned in our last post, George is our office cat, and he’s here to take us on a tour of Anne Folsom Smith’s Resource Library.


Let’s go! George is here to show us around AFSID’s Resource Library.


The resource library sets Anne Folsom Smith Interior Design (AFSID) apart from other design firms in the area. Not every interior designer or firm, has the room or support staff, to house and maintain a resource library.


George is on the hunt for a fabric sample for one of our designers.

So many resources! Lots of resources! All the resources!

AFSID’s resource library has dedicated space in the second-floor loft, which means the designers and clients won’t be waiting around for samples to be ordered and shipped. The designers can immediately go to the library and start working on their design scheme. While the bulk of the AFSID resources is fabric, there’s also a wide selection of tile, flooring, wallpaper, woods, and even grout colors! Everything is right at the designers’ fingertips to create a cohesive design.


So many colors and fabric options!


It’s essential to have enough space to dedicate to a resource library. AFSID organizes its resource library in a way for anybody to see and access all the different materials and options easily. The design team groups the samples in the resource library by material, type, manufacturer, and color. The hanging system and open shelves mean the designers can come up to the loft, quickly glance through the samples, and find the necessary items for their project.


Some more fabric options organized by material type.


Here are some of my favorite rings of fabric selections


Blue is the color of 2020, at least in the design world, and here we have some beautiful blue samples.


It’s also essential to have a room dedicated to viewing the samples. The upstairs conference room has lots of light and a large table for the designers to see and spread out all the materials. It is large enough for a handful of team members to work around the table, grab resources from the library right outside (or in the conference room), and create a cohesive design! We have a work desk and tools to help in the process right nearby if needed.


It’s important to have a great work space with lighting to see all your resources. Here’s George in our upstairs conference room where the designers will work to find just the right resource for your upcoming project!


When the designer completes their scheme and orders the necessary materials, the resource samples are returned to the library desk and get filed. Nothing is lost in the shuffle since every resource has a specific location.


George is sitting at the samples go-back desk.


Well, that’s the end of our tour. I hope you return next week when I’ll discuss upcoming home trends for 2020!


Thanks for stopping by!